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      How to choose a suitable toothbrush

      AUTHOR : Date : 11/7/2019 10:22:01 PM
       How to select a suitable toothbrush, everyone's different ways of living, to suit your toothbrushes are not the same: when choosing a toothbrush should be familiar with their oral teeth arrangement of, select the size, shape and brush of moderately hard and soft toothbrush, in General, select the Brush hardness of medium and smaller brush head toothbrushes.

      First brush better not perfect or too soft. When you choose a toothbrush, bristles with your fingers and finger pricks are too hard, does not recommend the use additional brushes too soft is not good, it is difficult to clear food particles and bacteria in the mouth.

      For General of teeth: recommended using health toothbrush, toothbrush head short and narrow, can adapted reverse and partition wash; toothbrush handle flat and straight, can is good of wash dirt real, and each group toothbrush hair of length equal, each group hair are to has must across distance, good keep toothbrush itself of clean, and each group hair tight Shu Chengzhu-like, brush hair head should mill round blunt, case stabbed or scrapes gum. Bristles the best high. Now the toothbrush, are on both sides of the curved, shorter in the Middle, in fact, this is not very good for cleaning, all I suggest is better it is best to choose the bristles and other high points, and brush a little more better, so beneficial for teeth cleaning. Change the toothbrush shall normally be three months,